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Marlene Bergman

Certified Professional, Registered and Licensed Midwife
Serving: Gunnison, Crested Butte, Lake City, Montrose, Olathe and Delta.

As of 6/1/18 Marlene is not accepting new patients as she goes to school to further her medical education.

About Home BirthAbout Marlene

Why Choose Homebirth?

Choosing to have a homebirth is a very personal choice. Some choose to have their babies at home because that’s where one of the parents were born, and that is the most normal place in the world for them to think of delivering their own child. Some choose homebirth after having a hospital birth that they were not happy about and want a different experience the next time. Some find that homebirth is the choice for them after they have been reading, researching and watching birth videos.

About Marlene

I believe that the birth of your child is an empowering experience. I provide woman centered care, treating each woman as an individual whose care is tailored to her particular needs. I feel that it’s my honor as a midwife to be your guide through this life changing journey of pregnancy, labor, delivery and beyond.

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