Assessing and Treating Nipple and Deep Breast Pain

Assessing and Treating Nipple and Deep Breast Pain

Are your nipples red and chapped?

This is a temporary condition and will improve.


Are your breasts sore when the baby latches on, but okay when the milk ejection reflex occurs?

Make sure the baby is latched on properly and that the natural skin oils are left on the skin.  Do not wash the breasts with soap or antiseptics.  Lanolin may be used to promote moist healing.


Is it incredibly painful when the baby draws the nipple into the mouth?

The mother can massage the breast to stimulate the milk ejection reflex and then put the baby onto the breast.


Do you have crescent-shaped abrasions either above or below your nipple?

The position of the baby when nursing may need to be changed.  Latch on should be explained again making sure that the baby is opening it’s mouth wide and that it is held high on the mothers chest, stomach to stomach.


Does the baby’s tongue retract behind the lower gum?

Have the mother draw the baby in close so that the breast is deep into the baby’s mouth then try to bring the baby’s tongue forward.  If the lip is drawn inward pull it back out.  Try different positions for nursing.


Is there pain throughout the feeding with bright pinkish redness extending beyond the nipple and areola?

Have the mother treat her nipples, the baby and the rest of the family for Candida.


Are their lesions on the breast?

Refer to Dr. for possible bacterial or herpes infection.


Does the deep breast pain come during feeding?

This could be due to forceful let down or mastitis.  Have the mother check for a hard sore area in her breast that hurts when pressed or if it radiates through the breast and is not located in one area.  If in one area treat the mother for mastitis.


Does the breast pain come between feedings or right after a feeding?

This can be caused by a sudden refilling of the milk ducts.


Did you have a rough labor in which you could have strained a muscle?

Support the baby’s weight with pillows and see if this can help.


Assessing and Treating Nipple and Deep Breast Pain