Emotional Changes in First Trimester


Emotional Changes in First Trimester

The first trimester is a huge change for mothers.  Sometimes the mother doesn’t even know that she is pregnant for the first month.  She may be more tired, her breasts may be tender and she may have to urinate more often.  It is a time of understanding and realizing that you are pregnant.  Some women are excited and joyful, some surprised and some may be unhappy if they have not planned or wanted a pregnancy at this time.

It is usually normal to be a little uncertain about being pregnant but it’s a good idea to talk to your midwife about how you are feeling.  She can help to guide you into how to let the baby know that it’s nothing against them, and mom has some things that she needs to work through.  Discuss your feelings with your midwife, partner or good friend.

It’s normal to feel nausea and heightened emotional sensitivity.  It is also normal to go from crying to laughing to angry back to crying again.  It’s just as normal to have periods of elation, and intense closeness with your partner, joy and a profound connection to living beings.

In the first trimester you might keep expecting your menses to start.  If you have a day when your breast tenderness or nausea subsides you might think that you are about to start bleeding.  It’s normal to think wow I’m pregnant and five minutes later to think the test was wrong!  There is no way that I am pregnant.


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Emotional Changes in First Trimester