Emotional Changes in the Second Trimester


Emotional Changes in the Second Trimester

The second trimester is a very exciting time.  Your belly starts to show and your baby begins to move making you feel his or her presence more.  This movement makes the pregnancy more real for the partner as well and can make the connection between the both of you even more powerful.

The second trimester may bring on its own new emotions.  It is often a time of reflecting on your own childhood and your relationship with your mother.  You may want your mothers support during your pregnancy, but you may also evaluate what you want to do similar to what your mom did with you and what changes you will want to make.  It can also be a time of not wanting your mother as a part of things if you want a much different experience than she had and she is not giving you the support that you  want and deserve.

A common concern during the second trimester is a deep fear that something may happen to their partner and they will be left alone with a new baby.  To reduce your fears it’s a good idea to ask your partner to give you a call and let you know if he won’t be at an expected place at an expected time.  Clear communication from the mother about this can let the partner know how important of an issue this is for you.

The second trimester can bring on vivid dreams which may sometimes be unsettling.  Comments people make can sometime be inconsiderate during this time.  If something bothers you don’t hesitate to talk to your midwife about your dreams and feelings.


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Emotional Changes in the Second Trimester