If you experience any of the following call your Midwife

If you experience any of the following call your Midwife

Vaginal Bleeding-there are varying degrees of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, some are nothing to worry about and some raise concern.  Some breakthrough or implantation bleeding is normal during early pregnancy, the amount and associated symptoms are important – be sure to note the amount and whether it is accompanied by low back pain, contractions, cramping, vaginal pressure, or pain. Miscarriage, fibroids or cysts, or aggressive sexual intercourse are some possible causes.  Call the midwife to determine the cause of the bleeding.

Facial or Hand Edema-generalized swelling could be indicative of preeclampsia.  Notify the midwife.

Sudden and Prolonged Nausea and Vomiting-some nausea and vomiting due to morning sickness in early pregnancy is normal, however if it is severe, sudden, or prolonged, medical attention is necessary.  Dehydration or nutritional deficit could occur for you and/or the baby, this could indicate preeclampsia.  Call the midwife.

Fever or Chills-this could indicate maternal or amniotic sac infection or severe preeclampsia.  It could also be the result of a benign cause such as strenuous exercise, a cold or flu, or overheating.  Let your midwife determine the cause immediately.

Sudden Sharp Continuing Abdominal Pain-inflammation of the gallbladder, appendicitis, or placenta abrupta must be ruled out.  Note the quality, frequency, and severity of the pain as you are calling the midwife and note any other symptoms such as fever, nausea, or bleeding.

Continuing Severe Headache-this could be indicative of preeclampsia, a serious disease of pregnancy that deserves immediate attention.  Most headaches in pregnancy are due to dehydration or hypoglycemia, if this is not your case, call immediately.  Also rule out toxin exposure, lack of sleep, eye strain or tension.  If the headache is continuing and severe, call the midwife.

Visual Changes-this includes blurred vision, dizziness, spots, or flashes of light-these visual disturbances could be indicative of preeclampsia, a dangerous disease of pregnancy, your condition should be checked immediately.  These could also be indicative of very low blood pressure or dehydration.  Regardless the midwife should be called.

Sudden Gush of Fluid from the Vagina-this could mean your amniotic fluid sac has ruptured prematurely the baby’s condition should be checked immediately.  Note the color of the fluid that came out, its amount, and any matter that was expelled at the same time, also note if anything is coming out of your vagina, such as the umbilical cord or a baby limb.  Make these observations while the midwife s being called.

Abnormal Urination-this includes pain upon urination, lack thereof, or a dark brown colored urine-pain, urgency, and burning upon urination or blood in the urine indicates a urinary tract infection which needs to be treated before it moves to the kidneys. A brown color or lack of urination indicates severe dehydration, begin drinking clear fluids as you call the midwife.


If you experience any of the following call your midwife