Jill, Kirk and Avalon LaGiglia

AvalonJillLaGiglia - Home Birth Gunnison

The day Marlene walked into our home was truly one of the luckiest days in my life. Her calm, compassionate and professional demeanor instantly put me at ease and I knew this was the woman I wanted guiding me through the journey of pregnancy and birth. She listened to my concerns, which there were many as I was an older first time mom at 35, and reassured my husband and I that she would put our child’s and my own health and safety above all else.

Marlene was always just a phone call away whenever there was a question or concern, many times her calm voice reassured me when other “traditional medical experts” frightened or frustrated me with “possible outcomes”

I will never forget the sound of her voice when she walked into our home to help deliver our daughter at 3 in the morning. I instantly knew my daughter and I were safe and that with Marlene by my side I could handle whatever this “freight train delivery” threw my way.

Marlene loves her families and the children she helps being into the world. She will always have a special place in our family and I would without hesitation highly recommended her to anyone who wants to experience birth the way nature intended.


Jill, Kirk and Avalon LaGiglia