“My daughter, Willow Grace, arrived Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 weighing 6 lbs. 9 ounces. Giving birth at home was truly an amazing experience. Marlene is a highly professional and extremely skilled midwife who was there every step of the way throughout my pregnancy and delivery. It is difficult to find the words to express how deep my gratitude is for her guidance and her caring and compassionate nature.


Marlene’s provision of pre/post-natal care has also been of the highest quality. Each visit was very thorough and I never felt rushed to ask all the questions I had, and there were many. Also, Marlene remains available by phone at any hour of the day, even after the contracted 6 weeks of post-natal care.


My Labor Begins:
My labor began on a Saturday afternoon with mild, irregular contractions and by that evening they we’re becoming more regular. I made my second phone call of the day to Marlene and she and her assistant, Annie, made their way over to set up camp. As soon as they arrived, my contractions dwindled and became irregular once again, but Marlene and Annie stayed the night with us anyway. They left early that morning to attend another birth.


Sunday followed a similar pattern as Saturday, and Marlene said I was experiencing something called prodromal labor. I didn’t sleep Saturday or Sunday night due to the prodromal contractions and by the time Monday rolled around I was feeling quite tired. Thankfully, the contractions started to pick up a bit in frequency and intensity around 3:000 pm on Monday, and I called Marlene. She suggested I use some homeopathics and breast stimulation to get the birth going and reassured me that I was in labor and I was going to have a baby soon. These suggestions made a huge difference in my progress and by 7:00 or 8:00 pm Marlene and Annie showed up. Around 9:00, I hit the self doubt sign-post and Marlene determined I was 9 cm dilated, though it would still be another 3 hours before Willow would be born. Around 11:30 I wasn’t progressing nor getting an urge to push. Needless to say, I was also exhausted from the lack of sleep. It was at this point that Marlene made some important decisions to help bring Willow into the world. She performed something called ribozo to readjust Willow’s birthing position, she coached and encouraged me through the pushing though my body never had the urge to push. It was here that I truly could not have birthed Willow naturally without Marlene’s expertise and Annie’s assistance. My husband, Eric, of course also played an integral role in our child’s birth. Eric was at my side comforting me and offering me support throughout the labor. I thank Marlene for helping us have the kind of intimate birth experience we desired. The final push that brought Willow into this world was performed on my husband’s lap. Now, that was the ultimate birth experience! We never would have been allowed to labor and birth like this in a hospital. It was an AWESOME birth experience!!!


Thank you Marlene! I will forever be grateful to you as a midwife, woman and friend. You are truly a gifted midwife.”

– Casey Krawczyk, mother





“Marlene had a warm and professional attitude when I participated in pre-natal care visits. She demonstrated a strong commitment to our birth experience in light of other clients with similar due dates demanding her attention. During 1st and 2nd stages of labor, Marlene disclosed the risks and benefits of possible options to help labor progress and waited for our informed consent. She truly let us be in charge of our birth experience. Even as the birth coach, there were times when my wife experienced doubt and extreme fatigue, but Marlene helped me convince my wife that she could do it and everything she was experiencing was normal. I felt confident that my wife was in exceptionally good care during every stage of the pregnancy and birth and I would highly recommend her services to any mother seeking an empowering and spiritual birth experience.”

– Eric Krawczyk, father