“Marlene is one of those rare people truly working within her calling! I believe exceptional midwifery care is an intrinsic and natural part of who she is! It flows from her in the radiating, calm warmth she has about her, a presence that empowered us as a couple throughout our birthing process. Connecting with her, having her provide prenatal/postnatal care and attend the birth of our second daughter was a gift beyond words to our family!

After having had our first daughter in Idaho at a birthing center with a very seasoned midwife, we were worried we would not find that quality of care here and we were hesitant about a home birth. After meeting Marlene all of our fears were put to rest. She provided exceptional pre and post natal care for us and was exactly what we needed during our birthing process. Marlene far surpassed our expectations!


She came to our home in the evenings so we could both be present at our appointments. Each visit she spent extra time with us addressing all of our questions and even making a special effort to bond with our toddler. (Our toddler now refers to her as “My Miss Marlene!”)  It seemed as if she always knew just what to say to make us laugh, reassure us, or guide us to the right herb or homeopathic medicine. She was always very knowledgeable and informative yet continually offered a caring listening ear.


Though Marlene has the power of experience behind her, it is her intuition that makes midwifery so natural for her.  She had the intuition on many occasions to just know what we needed even before we did. She had the intuition to know when we were going into labor and came at just the right time. She had the intuition to know our sweet little baby needed just bit of help taking her first breath when she entered the world.


It can truly be said we now count Marlene as family and it will always be magical for us to know such a beautiful soul gave our sweet little baby her first breath and helped us bring her into the world!  I would without a single hesitation recommend Marlene to anyone looking for an outstanding care provider!”

– Emily and Bryan MacNieven