Perineal massage


What is perineal massage? Perineal massage is a technique that encourages blood flow to the perineum increasing the elasticity of the perineum for birth.


What are the benefits of perineal massage?  Perineal massage has numerous benefits which can help to decrease trauma of the area during the birth process.

  • It stimulates the blood supply to the perineum and helps to speed up the healing process after the birth.
  • I can help to get you ready for the feelings of stretching and pressure that will happen as the baby is born.
  • It can help you to learn to relax during a yoni exam or during other sensations that may occur as the baby is being born.


How do I do it?  Perineal massage can be started around 4 to 6 weeks before your due date.  It can be done by either you (the pregnant mother) or your partner.

  1. Make sure your hands are washed and clean.
  2. Find a place that you feel comfortable and that will be private. You can sit or lean back in a position you will be comfortable in.  You can use pillows, cushions or blankets to support your legs.
  3. Use a high quality oil such as almond, avocado, vitamin E or coconut that doesn’t have any added sent.
  4. Place your (or your partners) thumb(s) or fingers about 1 inch inside your yoni. Press downward and outward (to the sides) at the same time.  Apply pressure gently and firmly until you feel a tingling sensation.
  5. Hold your fingers at that same point for about 2 minutes until the area starts to become a little numb.
  6. Keep pressure with your thumb(s) or fingers and massage back and forth over the lower half of your yoni for 3-4 minutes. Start with very gentle massage and increase the pressure as sensitivity is reduced.


Perineal massage