Brinley Davis and Noah Remer

“I vividly recall being in the midst of labor, leaning on my partner Noah, breathing the only way I could, and hearing Marlene whisper, “You’re doing everything perfectly.” Of course little felt perfect at the time, but I later realized she was right. I was doing everything. I was doing it! I was working with my body, my breath, my mind. No one was taking that power from me. No doctor, no machine, no drug. This was the raw experience.

A woman couldn’t ask for a better gift then an attendant who, though highly knowledgeable and skilled in childbirth, stands aside and listens. Marlene trusts nature, trusts the mother’s intuition and body, and chooses not to intervene unless emergency calls. I prepared for labor in various ways, but I never realized (until after the fact) the necessity of having people present who simply believe in you. When a huge part of my mind wanted to cry and panic and question nature, Marlene and Noah stood by, never doubting, only awaiting the cry of that newborn babe. Their faith in my ability was the only tool I needed- and really the only tool I had. I thank them for this and, Marlene, thank you for your wisdom- a needed quality in a culture that assigns birth to the realm of intellect and interference.”