Tanith Martinez


Marlene was (and still is) the phenomenal super human that I chose to be my midwife for the birth of my sweet Atlee.  Super human because that’s what midwifes are!  From the first moment I met her, she facilitated an environment that allowed me to be the empowered woman I knew I was – a strong woman capable of giving birth.  She took time to get to know me, my priorities, my concerns, my hopes.  She answered my questions, encouraged discussions and gave me ownership over my health.  Every aspect of my care was transparent and personalized to my needs.

When Marlene entered the room the night of Atlee’s birth, it filled with love and tranquility.  Something much needed in my state of mind.  I remember hearing Marlene sweetly telling me everything was fine.  I was ok, my baby was ok and my husband was ok!  A short time later after all the medical checks, I crawled into bed and she tucked me in with my new bundle.  What more could a mother ask for.

Marlene wasn’t there just to “deliver a baby”, but to guide me in the beautiful journey of becoming a mother for a second time.  She did this with love, compassion, understanding and serenity.  My relationship with Marlene isn’t just medical, it’s personal.  I absolutely adore her.

– Tanith Martinez