Valerie and Matt Brust

I always knew I would have my baby at home and when we moved to Mount Crested Butte in my 25th week of pregnancy, naturally we explored our options. Upon meeting Marlene, we instantly knew we would look no further. She was obviously knowledgeable and passionate about what she did. She let my husband and I take complete control of my care but was always available for questions. She became more than a caregiver and I found in her a friend who I could talk to about anything. When I went into labor at 37 weeks, she calmed me down and assured me everything would be ok even though we were early. During labor, she respected our space and only came in to check on me a few times. My husband and I had a beautiful, intimate, bonding experience because of her ability to quickly assess and make sure everything was going well. Towards the last part of my labor, she suggested a few things to help make the arrival of our precious baby a little easier. She was very intuitive and always knew the right thing to say at the right time. There was no pressure and like my prenatal care, she allowed us to take charge of the delivery and only stepped in when I asked for help. Then in the final moment of delivery, I got to catch my precious daughter. Marlene was quick with the assessments and gave us that first hour of bonding while she and her assistant cleaned up. My delivery went smoothly and was as noninvasive, beautiful and as oriented to exactly what I wanted as humanly possible and I have only Marlene and my wonderful husband who never left my side to thank for it. Postpartum visits were great and Marlene was always reassuring when we had any questions. Marlene treads that fine line of being a friend but also very professional when the situation calls for it. She respects each person’s needs and desires and weaves it into their care as closely as possible. She is all around a wonderful, good person that is a delight to know. When baby number two comes around, we will most certainly be having Marlene attend.